Sho Humphries — Solo Ukulele Artist

World Champion ukulele player, child YouTube prodigy, and recipient of a full scholarship to the Berklee College of Music—at 19 years old, Sho Humphries has a lot going for them. What' their mission? To play the ukulele in a way that has never been done before while spreading smiles and infectious melodies in their wake. They started their ukulele journey as a die-hard Jake Shimabukuro fan, going from there to post their own takes on popular songs on YouTube, then to release their first album of original ukulele music in 2017. With their 2021 EP Dream Again, they took their first step into the realm of vocals and lyricism—a journey they continue while also trying to play today a little better than they did yesterday. Along the way, Sho intends to share all the things they enjoy about the instrument to every ukulele player that wishes to learn! Learn more about Sho and check out their music at

Sho Humphries started playing the ukulele seriously about eight years ago after seeing Jake Shimabukuro live in concert and then seeing his viral YouTube version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps. In 2016, Sho won 2nd place in his age group in the Duke's Ukes ukulele contest in Honolulu, Hawaii. Following that, in February of 2017, Sho partnered with Usaburo Mendenhall to compete in the 6th Annual International Ukulele Contest in Hawaii where the duo won first place in the Group Performance category as well as overall MVP. Following on the heels of that experience, Sho released his first album, "Making Summer Memories" in July of 2017. Sho regularly posts his music to his YouTube and Instagram pages, and for the last several years has been performing live at various public venues, festivals, and private events around Austin. His new single, “Love You!”, combines the beauty of the ukulele with the smoothness of lofi and features a guest performance from Evan Kolvoord to express through music the ineffable feeling of love.


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