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Sho presenting their beginner workshop in Japan
Sho Teaching in Japan

I offer several different styles of educational workshops and performances. Read more to find out what I can bring to your event, school, or workplace!

Ukulele Performance

Beginning Ukulele Performance

Simple Strum, Complex Arrangement: There are a few simple, small ways of thinking that separate amateur sounding performances from a professional sounding arrangement. You don't need advanced technique to make a song sound spectacular. In my beginner friendly workshop, I focus on the strumming hand to teach the small adjustments in playing and mindset that can take your ukulele performance to the next level.

Intermediate Ukulele Performance

In this follow-on workshop, I introduce some more advanced strumming techniques to further expand your ability to perform songs on the uke to make songs truly your own.

Ukulele History

History of the Ukulele Presentation

I can come to your local library, ukulele meet up, school, college campus, or workplace, and provide an overview of the ukulele and how it came to be, as well as demonstrate the songs, techniques, and playing styles illustrating the instrument's 100+ year history in the United States.

Ukulele Through The Years Demonstration

I'll play a variety of different song styles and genres and explain the popularity and origin of those styles as I go. This is an "edutainment" style presentation that exposes the audience to a range of possiblities on the uke without getting to deep into the details. Each song on the set will be from a different era of the ukulele, showcasing a different style; questions and requests will be encouraged.

School Visits

I offer these workshops and performances in a kid-friendly manner, and I would love to teach, entertain, and inspire your school children! 日本語補習校でもokay.


If you are interested in having me provide an ukulele workshop for you, your business, or your school, please use the form below to request information or to book the event. This isn't a mailing list and I won't store your info anywhere or send you spam. It's just a convenient way to get in touch with me. You can also message me on Instagram or Facebook if that's more convenient for you.

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